Hospital Settlement Letter

At Resolve, we know that writing and submitting a medical bill settlement request letter can seem intimidating. Learn how to write and submit a settlement request, the key terminology to know, and the top tips for submitting one from our team below.

What is a Settlement Request Letter?

A medical bill settlement request is a written letter you draft and send to a hospital. It represents the start of a negotiation with the hospital to reduce your bills.

How do I write and submit a Medical Bill Settlement Request Letter?

A medical bill settlement offer letter to your hospital should include the following information:

  • Your account number
  • Your name and address
  • Dollar amount outstanding (that is the amount still on your bill)
  • Dollar amount you’re offering to pay for services
  • Reasoning for the dollar amount you’re offering to pay (generally based on Medicare Reimbursable rates or Charge/Cost Ratios)

Communicate with your hospital that you are willing to pay the proposed amount immediately up front (if you are able to). This is an additional incentive for the hospital to accept your medical bill settlement offer. We also recommend thanking the hospital for their services in your letter.

To submit your settlement letter, call the number on your hospital bill and ask how you can submit a settlement request. They should provide a fax or email for you. You may be offered a payment plan or directed to apply for financial assistance. Decline these offers and reiterate your request to submit a settlement request.

Sample Hospital Settlement Letter

Sample hospital settlement letter
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