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EZ-File for Hospital Financial Assistance: Turbo Tax for Reducing Your Medical Bills

December 6, 2021

Resolve Team

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We’re excited to announce the launch of EZ-File by Resolve - an automated system to apply for hospital financial assistance and lower or eliminate your medical bills.

EZ-File collects all of the necessary information need for your hospital financial assistance application. Then, EZ-File files for hospital financial assistance on your behalf. Think of it like Turbo Tax for hospital financial aid.

Who Qualifies for Hospital Financial Assistance?

Most people can get hospital financial assistance even if they don’t think they can qualify. In many instances a family of 4 making $100,000 per year will qualify for some sort of reduction. And if you make less than that, it’s possible to get hospital bill forgiveness and get your bill wiped entirely.

How Does EZ-File for Hospital Financial Assistance Work?

The process for applying for hospital financial assistance is kind of like filing your taxes - long and arduous, extremely confusing, and with a risk of filing something incorrectly that could cause you to be denied when you should be covered.

Our team at Resolve has seen this themselves many times - with people often coming to us after having been denied hospital financial aid when they really should be covered.

That’s why we launched EZ-File - to simplify and streamline the hospital financial assistance application process! Our EZ-File system asks simple questions to collect all of the relevant information, files the hospital financial assistance application, and manages the entire process. You can sit back and relax, knowing that we’re handling everything.

EZ File Appeals and Money Back Guarantee

In addition to the peace of mind you get from knowing our experts have your back, we include both an appeals guarantee and a money back guarantee for EZ-File.

Under our appeals guarantee, if a hospital financial assistance application we submit on your behalf is not approved by the hospital, we’ll manage the entire appeals process to ensure that you don’t get stuck holding the medical bill.

And if we are unable to save you money on your medical bills, we’ll refund the EZ-File fee.

EZ-File Hospital Financial Assistance Summary

A final note: if you don’t want to pay us, you can (and should) file for hospital financial assistance through the hospital directly. Nobody should have to overpay on their medical bills and we’re working to make that a reality here at Resolve.

To get started with EZ-File, or see if you could qualify for hospital financial aid - click here.

If you’d like to talk to an expert advocate about your medical bill situation, call us at Resolve toll free at 877-245-4244 or schedule a free consultation.

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