An everyday medical bill shouldn’t bankrupt an everyday American

Healthcare bills are the number one cause for bankruptcy among American families. We’re here to change that, by helping people overcome their medical bills–and the stress that comes with them.

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We’re on a mission to eliminate stressful medical bills

Resolve helps patients navigate complex medical bills and reduce or eliminate the amount they owe.

Our experienced Advocates are expert negotiators who have been trained to work with hospitals and billing systems to shrink–or even eliminate–your medical bills.

Leveraging years of experience, a variety of proven tactics, and millions of data points, our Resolution System helps people break free from overwhelming medical bills. We’ve saved Americans over $40 million to date, and we’re just getting started.

We know what it’s like to face overwhelming medical costs

The idea for Resolve began in 2016, when our founder Braden received an exorbitant hospital bill for a 15-minute consultation visit. After lots of hair pulling and head banging in response to the challenges he faced trying to correct his unjust bill, the idea for Resolve was born.

Since then we’ve dug into all aspects of healthcare billing to resolve medical bills of all kinds. We’ve partnered with healthcare experts on all sides in order to free Americans from overwhelming healthcare costs and the many burdens they bring.

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Braden Pan
CEO and Founder

Our values

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We hold ourselves to high standards and strive to do the right thing in every situation, regardless of how it impacts our bottom line.

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People are the heart of everything we do. We know that behind every bill there is a person who should be treated with fairness and compassion.

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Our goal is to improve on our incredibly complex medical system and the lives of the everyday Americans who have to navigate it by making healthcare prices fairer for all.

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Overwhelming medical bills should not prevent you from accomplishing your goals and dreams. We’re here to help you find your best path forward, so you can leave medical bills behind you.

Let’s help Americans break free from stressful medical bills.

Every person deserves quality healthcare at a fair price, yet unfair pricing puts thousands of Americans into medical debt every single year. If you are as passionate about solving this problem as we are, our team would love to work with you.

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Want to connect with our team?

We’re always excited to meet people who share our passion for making healthcare prices fair. If you want to discuss a potential partnership or collaboration opportunity, we encourage you to reach out.