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    Phenomenal! My bill was reduced from over $30,000.20 or $20 co-pay. Resolve was able to exercise transparency with the hospital in question. Thank them all especially Anna for their efforts and relieving the anxiety and hardship that the bill cost caused me. Bravo!



    I found the Resolve team while searching online for some type of help/advocacy with a huge (over $100k) hospital bill for emergency surgery that was denied by my insurance company. For two years I had struggled with denied appeals and ineffective legal representation to no avail. The very first time I spoke with Braden, my hope and confidence was restored. It was a long road trying to negotiate with a hospital that seemed determined to collect every bit of their price gouging bill that they had been denied by Cigna. Tom was professional and persistent all along the way, and always kept me informed of what was going on. In the end, Tom saved me more than $90,000, which is HUGE for a retiree on fixed income.



    During travel to California we needed emergency appendectomy surgery (we live in Colorado and thus are Out of Network). After receiving an outrageous hospital bill, we turned first to our health insurance company, who paid the “fair and reasonable” charges and we paid the deductible amount. However, the hospital sent us a “back bill” claiming that we stil lowed them $32,000. We found Resolve after searching the Internet and after talking to some of our attorney friends (who said the amount might be too low to get a good attorney, and plus we needed someone with specialized knowledge.). After we interviewed Resolve on the phone, we decided to use their services. In less than 60 days, Resolve was able to negotiate a settlement with the hospital for about ten cents on the dollar.
    We are happy to recommend them to others in the same predicament.



    After hours of being on hold just to be denied, it was breath of fresh air when Resolved picked up my call within moments. They responded to emails promptly, and actually listened. They always checked to see if I had questions, and kept me informed on the progress. The process took a few months, but they made sure I didn’t go into collections. Today I got the great news that they fixed the coding, and my bill dropped by 90%. Their pricing is reasonable and based on how much they save me.

    I know for a fact that I couldn’t have done it without Resolve. I tried. I hate the fact that medical advocates have to exist, but I’m so glad they do exist.



    I contacted resolve and was very skeptical on what they could do for me and my $ 23000.00 medical dept. I was very fearful that I somehow make matters worse than better. Was I wrong. I talked to Miss Dawn and she was very understanding and reassuring. Miss Anna and Evan went to work and my debt was erased. I did not owe anybody. Praise be to God. Let them help you, they know what they’re doing.



    Resolve is an amazing team that helps negotiate medical bills on your behalf. They helped lower the medical bill for my fathers treatment from 70k down to 22k dollars. They are honest and talented group of people. They keep you updated on the progress and negotiate effectively. I was so happy to see the reduced bill. It took so much stress off my family.



    Resolve was so efficient I never received another collection notice or phone call nor any more bills from the hospital!, The resolve of the owner, Braden, was phenomenal. After a year and six months my bill of over $48,000 was wiped CLEAN!!!
    I am so impressed with the work and professionalism of Resolve I would gladly tell my story over and over. God bless you Braden! Never had a doubt.



    We had a great experience with Braden and his team with negotiating bills for an employee down significantly. He was quick to respond and extremely professional. Will definitely use Resolve again should the need arise. I looked at multiple companies and am sure that I made the right choice.


    South Dakota

    What We Do

    We review and negotiate hospital and medical bills of all kinds to lower the amount you owe and bring you peace of mind.

    Stress Less

    Hospital bills are confusing. Let our experts do the work – organizing and analyzing your medical bills and working to lower the amount you owe.

    Save More

    Medical charges are often inflated. Our experts know where to look to find you savings and lower the amount you owe.

    How It Works

    1. Sign Up

    Submit your healthcare bills to us. If you don’t have all of your bills, our experts will work with hospitals and insurance companies to get them.

    2. Let Us Get To Work

    Our experts will review your case and use their training, data driven insights, and structured process to determine how to maximize your savings.

    3. Save

    Our experts work with hospitals and insurance companies to lower your bills. On average, our patients save over 60%* on their medical bills.

    *Savings are not guaranteed and can range anywhere from 0% to 100%.

    Pricing That Works For You

    Large Bills

    Select bills between $5k-15k¹


    per Bill



    of Savings

    Minimum fee: $1000

    Schedule FREE Consultation

    • Savings guarantee²
    • In-depth analysis of Your medical bills
    • Data-driven savings insights
    • Experience-driven savings strategy

    Enormous Bills

    Total bills between $15k-200k





    of Savings

    Minimum fee: $2500

    Schedule FREE Consultation

    • Savings guarantee³
    • In-depth analysis of your medical bills
    • Data-driven savings insights
    • Customized savings strategy
    • Dedicated advocate

    Exorbitant Bills

    Total bills over $200k

    Custom Pricing

    Minimum fee: Custom

    Schedule FREE Consultation

    • Custom savings guarantee
    • In-depth analysis of your medical bills
    • Data-driven savings insights
    • Customized savings strategy
    • Dedicated advocate
    1. Not all bills in this range will qualify. Talk to us to find out if we can help.
    2. If we save you less than $2000, the minimum fee doesn’t apply and we instead charge 50% of savings. We will never charge more than we save.
    3. If we save you less than $5000, the minimum fee doesn’t apply and we instead charge 50% of savings. We will never charge more than we save.
    Anna Seale

    Anna Seale


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    Tim Melnyk

    Tim Melnyk


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