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We review and negotiate hospital and medical bills of all kinds to protect you from unfair or incorrect charges, lower costs, and bring you peace of mind. You can rest assured that our trained experts will do everything they can to save you money.

“I took a risk paying someone to negotiate down a large bill from a necessary surgery. It had been over a year, and I had no idea how I would pay the bill. This was, by far, the best choice I could have made. John negotiated my bill down, completely blowing away my expectations and lifting such a burden off my shoulders. I’m glad to have made this decision, and would recommend this service to anyone in need of it.”

— Maggie, TN.

“We had a great experience with Braden and his team with negotiating bills for an employee down significantly. He was quick to respond and extremely professional. Will definitely use Resolve again should the need arise. I looked at multiple companies and am sure that I made the right choice.”

— Tess, SD

“Resolve is great! I had a lingering medical debt that was over 20K they went to bat for me and negotiated a settlement of 3K They took care of everything, it was so easy. Thanks!!!!”

— David, CA.

“RESOLVE MEDICAL BILL ADVOCATES thank you for your incredible service in the management of my medical bill. The reduction you obtained for me was truly amazing…Thank you, Braden, and thank you Tom for your professional service! I am a happy Canadian Snowbird!”

— Anne, Canada


Up to 80% of medical bills may contain errors

From upcoding, to unbundling, to charging for services not provided. We conduct a detailed analysis of all bills to identify and correct those errors.
Find the Errors in Your Bills


Hospital prices to consumers are inflated by 3-5x

Hospitals charge patients on average 3.5x what they charge insurance companies. Our proprietary data algorithms identify these pricing issues and our trained negotiators work to secure fair rates.
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Up to 60% of insurance claim denials are incorrect

Studies show that over 60% of insurance claim denials are overturned after appeal. We identify and present the right evidence in the right way to get your medical care covered.
Start Your Professional Appeal

1 in 7

Over 1 in 7 hospital visits ends with a surpise bill

We are experts at identifying and disputing surprise and balance bills.
Eliminate Your Surprise Bills

You could see savings of 30%-90%

Whether you don’t have insurance, are being denied coverage, or receive suprise bills, and whether your bill is $20k or $200k – our proprietary data, negotiation methods, and structured process can help you save 30%-90%. While not every patient will see the same reductions, it’s very likely that our team can realize dramatic savings for you.

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Read our Ultimate Guide to Lowering Your Medical Bills

After working on bills from $2,000 to $200,000 and saving millions of dollars, we’ve seen how crazy the system is and we want to change it. To help everyone do that, we’ve written a guide to lowering your medical bills based on our experiences.

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Would you like help raising money to pay for your medical bills?

Our partners at Cofund Health have built the only crowd-funding platform specifically to help people with their medical bills. They offer an easy signup process, strong support, and detailed guides on how to get more support for your crowdfunding campaign.

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