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How we lower bills

We’ve built a proprietary Resolution system to sidestep the pain points of lowering medical bills. Your custom savings plan will include a variety of tactics to meet your situation.

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We identify errors and inflated prices

Hospital bills aren’t just confusing; they can also be incorrect or inflated. Leveraging our proprietary data algorithms–and decades of experience–our Advocates analyze your bills to identify savings opportunities and negotiate fair prices.

We dispute and negotiate bills

Over 1 in 7 hospital visits ends with an unexpected bill, oftentimes for costs that should have been covered. Our Advocates are experts at disputing and renegotiating these bills.

We overturn insurance denials

Getting a coverage denial isn’t the end of the road. Our Advocates identify and present the right evidence to build a compelling appeal to help get your costs covered or reduced.

We secure financial aid

Depending on your circumstances and income, you may qualify for a variety of financial assistance options. We’ll help you apply to these programs to get the assistance you deserve–even if you’ve been previously denied.

We specialize in patients like you

Patients owing $5,000 or more
All insurance situations
New bills or bills in collections
All citizenship statuses
Headshot of patient advocate Korsho Hassan.

I love that Resolve is a very mission-focused company, and that we implement a patient-centered approach; in every part of our processes. Each and every advocate here at Resolve is a part of a unique mission to change the current healthcare dynamic; through our fight for fair medical bills. It feels extremely rewarding to be a part of that change!

Korsho Hassan

Patient Advocate

Headshot of patient advocate Tania Pabisz.

I love working at Resolve because the mission of this company aligns with my personal views on our current healthcare system crisis. I have always wanted to be in a position of helping people, and I have always been the type of person to recognize when things are not right or fair and fight to get the issue resolved. Working at Resolve allows me to help patients with their life-changing medical debt case by case, as well as advocate for change within our healthcare system on a larger scale.

Tania Pabisz

Patient Advocate

Headshot of patient advocate Jennifer Stallworth.

I love working at Resolve because we are changing people's lives. I love making good news calls and hearing the joy and relief in patients' voices that the burden of their medical bills have been lifted off of their shoulders. I love advocating for people who truly need our help! I love interacting with patients and being part of the PS team. Everyone truly cares about each other at Resolve and we all try to work as a team to help each other.

Jennifer Stallworth

Patient Advocate

Headshot of patient advocate Danielle Carr.

Working at Resolve has taught me there is a different side to healthcare. Transitioning from a frontline worker to a patient advocate has provided me the privilege to understand the significant financial burden medical treatment can cause patients on a daily basis. Every day, I feel valued in the work I perform and honored I get to make a difference in the lives of patients who were wronged by the healthcare industry.

Danielle Carr

Patient Advocate

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Getting started is easy

We’ve made it easy to get started on the path to reducing your bills. Take a few minutes today to see how we can help.

step 1

Tell us about your bills

Answer a few questions and upload a few documents about your bills. Your Advocate will analyze these using our Resolution System to identify strategies to get the savings you deserve.

step 2

We’ll handle the rest

Your Advocate will then tackle the process on your behalf. Communication with the hospitals and insurance companies may include negotiations, overturning insurance denials, applying for financial aid, and filing claims.

step 3

Enjoy lower stress and bills

Your Advocate will keep you updated along the way so you’re confident the process is working for you. While every situation is unique, on average our patients save over 60%. For some, we’ve eliminated their bills entirely.*

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Medical bills are complicated, but with Resolve, they don’t have to be. We make it easy to put medical bills behind you. Here’s how our process works:

  1. Use our signup form to tell us more about your bills and the care you received. We can help with any bills where your remaining owed amount is above $5,000.
  2. Your Advocate will then dive into the details of your situation and create a customized plan to maximize your savings and organize your bills. They’ll also take over communications with the hospital and insurance companies so you can focus on living your life. We’ll keep you updated along the way to ensure you always know what’s going on.
  3. Once we’ve secured savings for you, you’ll receive a discounted bill, which you’ll pay directly with the hospital. Finally, you’ll receive Resolve’s bill which is based off a percentage of your total savings.
How long will the process take?

The bill resolution process can vary based on your unique circumstance and on the responsiveness we receive from insurance companies and hospitals. On average, it takes about 4 months to resolve a bill.

Can Resolve help me protect my credit as well?

Protecting your credit is important to us. We will do all we can to help remove medical bills from your credit report and prevent existing bills from affecting your credit score.

What tactics and strategies does Resolve use?

Your situation is unique, and your path to savings will be too. We’ll learn as much as we can about your situation and look at every potential solution to formulate a customized solution to get you the most savings possible.

Often we’ll use one or a combination of the following three methods: 

  1. Insurance Appeals: We will review your policy and EOBs when necessary to make sure nothing was missed. When applicable, we’ll contact your insurance company and handle the appeals process for claims wrongfully denied.
  2. Financial Aid: Most hospitals offer help for patients with enormous bills. We’ll look to see if there are any options available to you here.
  3. Negotiations: We’ll review your bills for errors, duplicate charges, and inflated pricing. Then, we’ll go to bat for you to ensure you don’t pay more than you should. We’ll escalate your case as high as the CFO or CEO of the hospital if that’s what it takes!
How does Resolve protect my personal information?

Your privacy and security is of utmost importance to us. All customer information is stored behind bank-level encryption.

How much can I expect to save with Resolve?

On average, we save our patients 60% off of their bill, but we have been able to eliminate entire bills for others. Your personal savings will depend on your specific circumstances. We’ll create a custom plan specific to your situation to maximize your savings.

How much does it cost to work with Resolve?

We ask for a $99 deposit to start the process, which will be applied to your final success fee, or refunded if we don't lower your bill. The final success fee is calculated as 20% of the total savings we are able find for you. This percentage decreases for bills over $100,000.

To learn more about which solution we’d recommend for your specific circumstances, please fill out our questionnaire here. If you’d rather speak with one of our Advocates first, you can do so by scheduling a free consultation.

What documents will I need to provide to get started?

To get started, you’ll need to provide us with copies of your medical bills. It’s also helpful if you can provide any other important billing statements, EOBs, documents, or letters that you’ve received from your hospital or insurance company concerning your medical bills.

Why does Resolve charge for its services?

A) On average, we provide our members with 60% savings and have a 70% success rate in lowering medical bills. We only charge a percentage of the savings found with transparency and integrity top of mind in every interaction.

B) In most cases, the amount a person owes is significantly lowered and we find payment plans for people to pay back what they owe over time and within their budget. For those who can’t afford our services or want to do it themselves, we provide a library of online resources, including our Medical Debt guide, to help people do it themselves. We also offer significantly discounted rates for the most financially vulnerable.

C) If Resolve is unable to find savings, the member’s deposit is refunded in full.

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Look forward to less medical debt

Don’t give up—work with an experienced Advocate to shrink or eliminate your medical bills. It’s what we do.