We’re On a Mission to Make Healthcare Bills Fair

Resolve’s Mission: Fair Healthcare Bills

Our healthcare system is ridiculously complex and stacked against patients. Those without insurance pay massively inflated prices, while those with insurance have to deal with out of network payments, claims denials, and a host of other medical billing issues.

We aim to change this. Our medical bill advocates won’t rest until we’ve resolved your medical bills and helped you get a fair deal on your healthcare.

Our Story

The idea for Resolve began in 2016 with a 15 minute hospital consultation, an exorbitant hospital bill, and lots of hair pulling and head banging at the complexity of the system.

Since then we’ve dug into all aspects of healthcare billing — partnering with healthcare experts on all sides — in order to really understand how we can make sure that healthcare bills are fair for everyone and resolve medical bills all of kinds.

Our Values


Draw inspiration from everyone and seek to inspire those around us.


The most important question is always “what is the right thing to do?”


We seek to continuously improve.

Our Team: Meet the Resolve Advocates and Experts

Braden Pan

CEO and Founder

Anna Seale

Growth Manager

Melissa Johnson

Sales Manager

Neil De Leon

Sales Advocate Lead

Denise Merriman

Patient Advisor

Katrina Smith

Patient Advisor

Camille Derecho

Patient Advisor

Erika Zeigler

Patient Advisor

Dawn Greene

Operations Manager

Jeffrie Bula

Operations Advocate Lead

Jemille Amasol

Operations Advocate

Dylan Kirksey

Operations Advocate

Jenelyn Cristobal

Operations Advocate

Angel Acop

Operations Advocate

Alyanna Tomas

Operations Advocate

Bailey Collins

Operations Advocate

Ruth Dumaguing

Operations Advocate

Tania Pabisz

Operations Advocate

SK Hatcher

Operations Advocate

Jennifer Stallworth

Operations Advocate

Adam Littlefield

Operations Advocate

Danielle Carr

Operations Advocate

Ivy Allego

Operations Advocate

Christopher Rebong

Operations Advocate

Linda Michelson

Medical Bills Advisor

Lisa Berry Blackstock

Medical Bills Advisor

Nicole Feshbach

Director of Business Operations

Veronica Mason

Operations Specialist

Alex Tonelli

Founding Board Director

Florellen Sales

Patient Advocate

Juney Ham

Growth Advisor

Tom Cecere

Technology Advisor

Kent Keirsey


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a medical billing advocate cost?

Medical bill advocate pricing will be dependent on a few things, including how large your medical bills are and your specific situation. Generally they will charge either hourly or a percent of savings found.

At Resolve, we charge based on savings we find. That way you only pay us if we help you rather than a set fee regardless of the outcome. You can contact our experts at Resolve to find out more about our pricing or schedule a free consultation to discuss your medical bills and see how we can help.

What does a medical bill advocate do?

A medical bill advocate helps review, negotiate and lower your medical bills. They are experts on medical bills and the medical billing system on both the insurance and provider side.

How do I fight an unfair medical bill?

Seek the help of medical billing advocates to fight your unfair medical bills for you. To start, find out how to lower your medical bills and much more in our ultimate guide.