We are on a mission to make healthcare bills fair

Our mission: fair healthcare bills

Our healthcare system is ridiculously complex and stacked against patients.

Those without insurance pay massively inflated prices while those with insurance have to deal with out of network payments, claims denials, and a host of other issues. Everybody is affected by the myriad of errors and overcharges in the system.

We aim to change this.

We’re bringing decades of industry experience to bear in order to identify and solve these issues for consumers.

We won’t rest until you get a fair deal on your healthcare.

Our story

The idea for resolve began in 2016 with a 15 minute hospital consultation, an exorbitant hospital bill, and lots of hair pulling and head banging at the complexity of the system.

Since then we’ve dug into all aspects of healthcare billing — partnering with experts on all sides — in order to really understand how we can make sure that healthcare bills are fair for everyone.

Our values

Inspiration Draw inspiration from everyone and seek to inspire those around us.

Integrity The most important question is always “what is the right thing to do?”

Improvement We seek to continuously improve.

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