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October 2, 2023

Meet Ken, Kathy, Shawn, and Rya

Navigating medical bills can be a complex and sometimes overwhelming task. Each patient's journey is unique, filled with challenges, uncertainties, and hopes for resolution. At Resolve, we've had the privilege of assisting numerous individuals with their medical bills, ensuring unexpected or unjust costs don't overburden them. Here are the stories of four such individuals, offering a glimpse into their experiences and the difference Resolve made in their lives.

Ken A.'s Unexpected Surgical Bill

Ken A. had insurance, but to his surprise, it was a wellness plan that did not cover surgical procedures. After surgery, he was left with a staggering bill of nearly $25,000. Frustrated by the lack of support from his insurance company and the complexity of policy documents, Ken felt trapped. That was until Resolve stepped in. By exploring financial aid options that Ken wasn't initially aware of, we secured 100% savings on his bill. 

"Resolve is the best thing going if you want help with your medical bills. I highly recommend them… very satisfied. A lot of money was saved on my end with their help.”- Ken

Kathy W.'s Battle with Hospital Charges

After the unfortunate passing of Kathy's sister-in-law, she and her husband faced a daunting medical bill of $67,000, even after Medicare payments. Despite their efforts to negotiate and suspicions of overbilling, the hospital remained unresponsive. It wasn't until they partnered with Resolve that they found relief. After meticulous examination and relentless negotiations, the bill was reduced to a ZERO balance.

“After my sister-in-law passed away, we received an outrageous bill from one hospital... The $67,000 bill was adjusted to a ZERO balance! We never, in our wildest dreams, expected Resolve to save us that much money! I highly recommend this company." Kathy W.

Shawn M.'s Retirement Savings Dilemma

Shawn M.'s sudden medical emergency resulted in an overwhelming $130,000 bill. Although he managed a self-pay discount, bringing it down to $87,500, his retirement savings became a roadblock in securing further reductions or financial aid from the hospital. Enter Resolve. We negotiated creatively and saved Shawn a whopping $65,800, reducing his financial burden by over 75%.

Rya B.'s Newborn Insurance Mishap

The joy of welcoming a new life was dampened for Rya B. when faced with a combined bill of $36,000 for her baby's birth. A miscommunication regarding insurance coverage left her with a heavy financial weight. While one hospital offered a discount, another wouldn't budge. With bills piling up and a new home in the process, every dollar mattered. Resolve took the charge, negotiating her bill by over 45%, bringing substantial relief to Rya's family.

At Resolve, these stories aren't just testimonials; they're reminders of our commitment to making healthcare more transparent and fair. If you relate to any of these experiences, remember you're not alone. Resolve is here to guide you through the complexities of medical billing.

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