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I went from the depths of despair over an insurmountable bill to the sheer joy of a $0 balance.

October 2, 2023

Fanny V.

The Challenge: An Unexpected, Overwhelming Bill

For Fanny V., a simple bout of dehydration spiraled into a harrowing financial ordeal. An entrepreneur striving to find affordable healthcare, she and her husband initially visited a public clinic. However, their visit led them to an emergency room recommendation — a decision made immediately without considering the impending costs.

And then, the shock: a bill for $8,000 for a mere three hours in the ER.

Understanding Resolve: How We Work

Our mission, at Resolve,  is to take these overwhelming moments and transform them into stories of relief. We've honed a system over the years to navigate the intricate labyrinth of medical billing:

  • Our Proprietary Resolution System: Every patient's situation is unique. Through our system, we tailor a custom savings plan that leverages various tactics to cater specifically to your case.
  • Identification of Errors and Inflated Prices: Medical bills can be perplexing and are often fraught with mistakes or excessive charges. With our specialized algorithms and seasoned Advocates, we meticulously comb through these bills to spot inconsistencies, inflated costs, and potential savings opportunities.
  • Dispute & Negotiation: Surprise bills after hospital visits are an unfortunate commonality. Our team is adept at challenging and renegotiating these bills to ensure fairness and accuracy.
  • Overturning Insurance Denials: A denial from an insurance company isn't the final say. We gather and present compelling evidence to craft robust appeals, maximizing the chance of reducing or covering costs.
  • Securing Financial Aid: Many individuals are unaware of the financial assistance programs available to them. Even if previously denied, we work tirelessly to identify and apply for any aid that aligns with one's circumstances.

The Resolution

Fanny's case was a testament to the power of our systematic approach. Without insurance and staring at a daunting $8,000 bill, the path ahead looked grim. But with Resolve's intervention, her case took a turn for the better.

Working closely with Fanny, our team guided her through applying for financial aid. The result? Her bill was fully extinguished, translating to a savings of 100%.

Fanny’s Experience in Her Own Words

"Where to start? Resolve's intervention in my life was nothing short of a miracle," Fanny recounts. "I went from the depths of despair over an insurmountable bill to the sheer joy of a $0 balance—special thanks to Ruth for her magic touch. I cannot stress enough how life-changing Resolve's services have been for me. Please, if you find yourself in a similar situation, reach out to them. It really works! Heartfelt thanks to the entire team."

We hope Fanny's story offers a beacon of hope to many grappling with the intricacies of medical bills. At Resolve, we stand ready to offer a helping hand and transform these stories of despair into tales of gratitude.

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