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Owing a large sum felt burdensome, but Resolve's team quickly eased the stress from our vert first conversation.

January 11, 2024

Alicia G.

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The Dilemma: A New Mother's Unexpected Debt

A joyous occasion turned into a financial nightmare for Alicia G. Delivering her first child should have been a time of pure elation, but instead, she was met with the grim reality of a whopping $18K hospital bill.

Like many first-time mothers, Alicia assumed her baby's birth would be covered since her doctor was in-network with her insurance. Unfortunately, the hospital was not. This pivotal oversight resulted in a cascade of out-of-network fees, some of which were labeled as "disallowed" charges by her insurance, totaling over $8K. "I felt blindsided," she recalls. "We were expecting some medical bills, but this was entirely out of our ballpark. I just felt very uninformed by everyone (the hospital and my provider) about the whole situation"

Attempts to rectify the situation with the hospital proved fruitless. Despite her best efforts to negotiate and apply for financial aid, the hospital was unyielding. With every passing month, the weight of the debt grew heavier, casting a dark shadow over what should have been the happiest time of her life. The pressure of the debt, coupled with her newfound responsibilities as a mother, was suffocating.

Finding Resolve: A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Hoping for a solution, Alicia turned to us at Resolve. We understand the intricacies of the healthcare billing maze and are passionate about offering relief to those weighed down by unexpected medical bills.

Our goal at Resolve is not just about reducing bills. It's about bringing peace of mind back to families.

Resolve in Action: From Hopeless to Hopeful

Our dedicated team dove into Alicia's case. Armed with experience, tenacity, and a deep understanding of the healthcare billing system, we negotiated with the hospital and providers on Alicia's behalf.

Our efforts bore fruit. Alicia’s overwhelming bill was significantly lowered, lifting the heavy burden that had been pressing on her and her family.

Alicia’s Experience in Her Own Words

"They did a wonderful job," Alicia says with palpable relief. "Feeling like we owed such a huge sum was a constant weight on our shoulders. But from my very first conversation with the team at Resolve, the overwhelming stress started to dissipate. I cannot express enough how much lighter our hearts feel now. I'd recommend Resolve to anyone in a heartbeat."

Why Trust Resolve?

Alicia's story isn't unique. Many families feel trapped and uninformed by the complex healthcare billing system. But at Resolve, we stand ready to assist, armed with expertise and a genuine desire to help families find their way out of medical debt despair.

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