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Easily lower your medical bills.

Resolve reviews and reduces medical bills on your behalf. We'll lower your bills or our service is free. Guaranteed.

Total Patient Savings to Date: $40 million
We lower medical bills by an average of 60%, save over 50 hours of work, and eliminate unmeasurable stress for our patients.

See how Resolve can help you

Answer a few questions about your bills, and we’ll see if we can reduce or eliminate them
—all in less than 5 minutes.

How we lower bills

We’ve built a proprietary Resolution system to sidestep the pain points of lowering medical bills. Your custom savings plan will include a variety of tactics to meet your situation.

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We identify errors and inflated prices

Hospital bills aren’t just confusing; they can also be incorrect or inflated. Leveraging our proprietary data algorithms–and decades of experience–our Advocates analyze your bills to identify savings opportunities and negotiate fair prices.

We dispute and negotiate bills

Over 1 in 7 hospital visits ends with an unexpected bill, oftentimes for costs that should have been covered. Our Advocates are experts at disputing and renegotiating these bills.

We overturn insurance denials

Getting a coverage denial isn’t the end of the road. Our Advocates identify and present the right evidence to build a compelling appeal to help get your costs covered or reduced.

We secure financial aid

Depending on your circumstances and income, you may qualify for a variety of financial assistance options. We’ll help you apply to these programs to get the assistance you deserve–even if you’ve been previously denied.

What to expect

Get quick relief from navigating everything yourself as our Advocates take over. Enjoy better and faster results as we use our proven strategies to get the results you deserve.

Start Lowering Your Bills

Dedicated Advocate

You’ll be paired with a dedicated Advocate who specializes in helping clients reduce their medical bills. Resolve will oversee the entire process so you can avoid the stress and frustration of figuring it out on your own.

Customized savings plan

Your Advocate will build a savings plan with proven strategies customized to your situation. They know how to quickly find errors, opportunities, and the right decision makers to reduce what you owe. Most importantly, they’ll keep you updated with clear communication and check-ins along the way.

Guaranteed results (or it’s free)

We find medical bill savings for 9 out of 10 of our patients, and we charge a fee based on a percentage of your savings. If we can’t lower your bills our service is free.

Getting started is easy

Share your situation

Answer a few questions, upload your bill documents, and we’ll pair you with an Advocate best suited to your case.

See your savings plan

Your Advocate will review the strategies they see to lower your bills. Once you approve, they’ll get to work.

Let us get to work

You’ll be updated throughout the process while your Advocate utilizes each strategy to secure your savings.

Need help now? We're here for you.

Whether you’re ready to get started or still have questions, our Advocates are happy to discuss your bills and recommend next steps.

We’ve helped thousands of patients like you.

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We’ll lower your bill
or our service is free

Enjoy special pricing for being a StretchDollar member.
We only charge a success fee from what we save off your medical bill(s).

Bills $15,000 or Higher

Success Fee:

20% of savings

FAQs and Good to Knows

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Leave stressful medical bills behind

Don’t give up—work with an experienced Advocate to shrink or eliminate your medical bills. It’s what we do.

Start Lowering Your Bills