How We Work to Resolve Medical Bills

Whatever Your Medical Bill Situation, We’ll Handle It

Medical Bill Price Inflation

Hospitals prices are confusing to consumers and often end up inflated. Our proprietary data algorithms identify these pricing issues and outrageous medical bills, and our trained negotiators work to secure fair rates.

Medical Billing and Coding Errors

Up to 80% of medical bills have errors in them. We can identify and correct many types of medical billing and coding errors.

Health Insurance Claim Denials

Up to 60% of insurance claim denials are overturned after appeal. We identify and present the right evidence in the right way to get your medical care covered.

Balance Billing

Over 1 in 7 hospital visits ends with a surprise bill. Our Resolve advocates are experts at identifying and disputing balance billing.

How The Process Works

sign up for resolve medical bills

1. Sign Up

Submit your healthcare bills to us. If you don’t have all of your bills, our experts will work with hospitals and insurance companies to get them.

let resolve get to work to lower medical bills

2. Let Us Get To Work

Our medical bill advocates will review your case and use their training, data driven insights, and structured process to determine how to lower your medical bills and maximize your savings.

resolve helps you save on medical bills

3. Save

Our experts work with hospitals and insurance companies to lower the amount you owe. On average, our patients save over 60%* on their medical bills thanks to our medical bill negotiation services.

*Savings are not guaranteed and can range anywhere from 0% to 100%.

The Resolve Advantage

The Resolve medical bills advantage

Fair Healthcare Price Analysis

We use millions of datapoints to identify what a fair price for the medical services you received is, rather than what the hospital charged.

Structured Negotiation Process

We’ve created a structured medical bill negotiation process so that nothing drops through the cracks.

Trained Medical Bill Negotiators

All Resolve advocates are trained using techniques taught at top business and law schools in America.

Decades of Experience

Our advocates and expert bill negotiators combined have decades of experience in reducing and resolving medical bills.