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What does a medical billing advocate do?

Medical billing advocates work on your behalf to reduce your hospital bills to a fair and affordable level. They draw on healthcare industry training and negotiating experience to help you reduce hospital bills.

Medical billing advocates will analyze your unique situation and execute the bill reduction strategy most likely to reduce your hospital bills. That could include insurance appeals, identifying billing errors, and negotiating down excessive charges.

When is a medical billing advocate appropriate for you?

If you are confused by your medical bills, uncomfortable negotiating, or just short on time, a qualified medical billing advocate is likely to be a good fit for you. Medical billing advocates with an established track record and reputation may also have more leverage in negotiations.

Tips for working with a medical billing advocate

Look for a medical billing advocate with the following qualifications:

  • Board Certified Patient Advocate by the Patient Advocate Certification Board
  • Multiple years’ experience as an advocate

When choosing a medical billing advocate, you should expect:

  • A free, no-commitment consultation: a responsible medical billing advocate will not charge you for any services until they know the details of your unique situation and whether they can help.
  • Transparent pricing: your advocate’s fees should be simple and easy to understand. Many advocates charge based on the dollar amount saved.
  • Relevant experience: the medical billing advocate should have experience solving your specific issue. For example, if you are dealing with a denied claim, they should explain how they handle insurance appeals.