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Fintech Veteran Brian Ramirez Joins Resolve as Vice President of Growth and Marketing to Simplify Medical Billing

August 16, 2023

Resolve Team

Brian Ramirez Marketing Leader

HANOVER, NH -- August 16, 2023 -- Resolve, a company dedicated to lowering medical bills on behalf of patients, today announced the addition of Brian Ramirez as Vice President of Growth and Marketing. The move marks a significant addition to the Resolve team, bringing a decade of experience in fintech and a strong track record of helping consumers navigate financial challenges.

Brian's expertise lies in creating innovative solutions that lower accessibility hurdles for consumers, thereby promoting financial stability. His career includes pivotal roles in various fintech establishments, all of which shared the mission to assist underserved consumers. His most notable achievements include his transformation from the first employee to CEO at an early robo-advisor, WiseBanyan, which was later acquired. More recently, Brian was the CMO and Co-Founder of Retirable, a fintech platform dedicated to helping older adults generate retirement income with confidence.

"Brian embodies the values and mission of Resolve," said Braden Pan, CEO of Resolve. "His extensive experience across consumer fintech in marketing, product, and strategy, combined with his passion for helping consumers overcome financial obstacles, makes him an ideal fit for this role. As we continue to grow and evolve, Brian's expertise will be instrumental in expanding our reach and amplifying our impact."

Brian graduated with a BA from Pomona College and later earned an MBA from The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

As VP of Growth and Marketing at Resolve, Brian will play a key role in shaping the company's growth strategies. He will focus on expanding the company's market presence, enhancing customer experience, and broadening Resolve's service offerings. With Brian at the helm of Growth and Marketing, Resolve is poised to further its mission of preventing everyday medical bills from bankrupting everyday Americans.

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Leave stressful medical bills behind

Even if you’re being hounded by collection agencies, it’s still not too late to fight your medical bill.

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"I am thrilled to join the Resolve team and look forward to contributing to a mission that I am deeply passionate about," said Brian Ramirez. "I've seen firsthand the stress and complexities that medical bills can bring. With Resolve, I see an opportunity to apply my fintech experience to a cause that can truly make a difference in people's lives."

Resolve prides itself on being a champion for consumers, dedicated to finding significant savings on medical bills and eliminating the associated stress. Brian's appointment as VP of Growth and Marketing strengthens the Resolve team and aligns with the company's commitment to delivering value to its users.

Resolve lowers medical bills on behalf of patients. They offer a stress-free solution to handling medical bills, allowing patients to focus on what truly matters. To date, Resolve has helped thousands of people save over $30M on their medical bills.

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Leave stressful medical bills behind

Even if you’re being hounded by collection agencies, it’s still not too late to fight your medical bill.

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