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COVID-19: An Update for Current Patients and Website Visitors

COVID-19: An Update for Current Patients and Website Visitors

I am happy to report that we are open and operating safely during this unprecedented crisis. While our team is currently working from home, we continue to be dedicated to fighting outrageous and unfair medical bills. That means that we’re still holding free consultations to discuss your medical bills, taking on new patients, and fighting for the patients we’re currently working with.

We’re noticing a few trends that are affecting our operations and turnaround time:

  • Slower Hospital Response Times: As senior level Hospital Administrators are shifted to prepare for COVID-19 around the country anything that requires their approval is slowing down. This means financial aid applications, bill corrections, and negotiations are slowing down
  • Slower Insurance Company Response Times: Insurance company customer service reps appear to be overwhelmed with questions. We’re seeing longer queue times and slower responses.

We apologize for the delay this is causing and thank everyone for their patience.

Additionally, many people are experiencing the financial impact of this crisis. With layoffs, drop in business due to social isolation, and non-essential business being relegated to working from home or closing their doors indefinitely, there is a real economic challenge going on. If you are a current resolve patient and have been affected financially by the pandemic, please let us know. That might help in making the case for bill reduction.

One thing to note is that hospitals are still able to send bills to collections as previously scheduled and many collections companies have managed to classify themselves as essential business’ – so they’re operating as normal during this timeframe. 

If you do get sent to collections, please take a look at our blog posts on How Medical Bills Affect Your Credit Score and 7 Steps to Take if You Have a Medical Bill in Collections.

Additionally, as a reminder, we have a completely free Guide to Lowering Your Medical Bills if you’d like to solve any medical billing issues yourself.

Most importantly, please stay safe during this time. Follow the directives of local, state, and federal government agencies. Stay up to date with the information from reliable sources – see links below:

From all of here at Resolve, we wish you peace, comfort, and good health in the coming weeks and always.


Braden Pan