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Patient Story: Resolve Gave Us Hope and Saved Us Money

May 15, 2020

Resolve Team

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We faced a daunting challenge after receiving a hospital bill that our insurance company wouldn't cover. We knew that we needed to take action to address the situation, so we decided to file an internal appeal with our insurance provider. However, after receiving a denial, we felt hopeless and frustrated. 

We didn't give up, though, and decided to pursue an external appeal. Unfortunately, that was also denied, and we were running out of options. Desperate for help, we turned to the internet and searched for medical advocates, which is where we found Resolve. 

Initially, we were unsure if they could help us, but the Resolve team was amazing! They did exactly as they said they would, and Alex, in particular, did an excellent job assisting us. He gave us hope and helped us save a significant amount of money, about 81%, which was incredible news after such a stressful journey. We would recommend Resolve Advocates to anyone struggling with large medical bills.

Their expertise and support were invaluable, and we can't thank them enough. Thanks to Alex and the Resolve team, we can now breathe a sigh of relief and focus on moving forward.

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